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Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Park Operator Opportunities
Volunteer Host Opportunities

Campground Hosts are individuals that agree, on a volunteer basis, to live within a campground for one-four months of the season providing information to the public and other activities in exchange for free camping. In some parks there are power and water hookups for these campsites and others offer only dry camping.

As we cover a very large area and manage many different parks, EK Parks hires anywhere from 10-25 Park Operator positions every season. Operators generally work full time hours seasonally in one of the parks that we manage.

Responsibilities can include but are not limited to the following:

- Cleaning Campsites
- Cleaning Washroom Facilities
- Changing Garbage Cans
- Informing about and Enforcing Park Policy
- Fee Collections and Registration
- Basic Landscaping Activities
- Processing and Selling Firewood

To Apply

Applications (including resume and cover letter) can be emailed to: Applications can be sent at any time of year and are held until open positions are available. The main time period for hiring is March-April every season.

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