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Frequently Asked Questions

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I’d like to make a reservation at Lockhart Beach, Yahk, Jimsmith, Norbury, or Whiteswan, and can’t seem to find it on the Discover Camping System. Can I still make a reservation?

No, at this time, these parks are entirely first come first serve. You are likely able to get a site, with the possible exception of Friday evenings during July and August, a long weekend, or if there is a local special event going on. Feel free to call our office to check estimated availability.

I’m trying to make a reservation for a campsite but the website won’t let me. What’s the deal?

This could be caused by one of several things. First, the majority of reservations need to be made at least two days in advance (with the exception of Kikomun Creek). Reservations can also be made up to 4 months in advance, so within that window, things may fill up quickly, and outside that window you’ll be unable to book. Also, fcfs stands for first come first serve, and that means the site is un-reservable; These sites are usually depicted in grey and can be found in almost all campgrounds on the reservation system.  The final reason is that the park may actually be entirely booked up. With a limited number of reservation sites, sometimes the bookings fill up very quickly, especially for weekends during peak season.

I have a reservation for a campsite and my (insert family member of friend here) is now planning on joining us. Can they camp on our site too?

The majority of Provincial Parks here in the East Kootenays do allow for double occupancy (Mt Fernie being the exception) provided that all the applicable fees have been paid ( and all equipment and vehicles are within the gravel portion of the site.

Fire Bans

How do I find out if there is a fire ban or restriction at a campsite? What other resources are available for fire bans and wildfire information?

Current fire bans and restrictions are updated on the BC Government Wildfire Service website: You can also view an interactive wildfire map for the BC Region here:
If you ever have any questions or are unclear on current restrictions, please do not hesitate to call.  Campfire safety is of utmost importance and failure to comply with regulations can result in serious fines.

Jimsmith Waterlilly Tracy Garvin Update.

Photo Courtesy of Tracy Garvin

Hook Ups

Do you have power, water or sewer hook ups?

Many of the Provincial Parks in BC do not have hookups at this time, although this is changing. Here in the East Kootenays, the only option for hookups in the Provincial Parks are 10 power sites within the Ponderosa Campground at Kikomun Creek Provincial Park.


As a Senior, I was expecting to pay a discounted rate but was charged full price. What gives?

There could be several reasons for this. First, only BC Seniors are able to receive the discount, and this must be during the shoulder season (opening date- June 15th, and then after the Labour Day Long Weekend.)

I don’t want to pay the extra vehicle fee. Can I park it in the day use parking lot instead?

Extra vehicles are subject to the fee when parked anywhere on park property. They may be parked outside of Park boundaries, but are done so at the owners own risk.

Moyie Lake 1 Merganser ducks Jenna Gunn

Photo Courtesy of Tracy Garvin

Lost Items

I lost my (insert missing item here) when I was visiting the park. Do you have a lost and found?

Absolutely. Items are held in park or sent directly back to our main office and are kept for a period of one year before being donated to charity. Please call 250-422-3003 to inquire.

OHV's (Off Highway Vehicles)

I have a quad/skidoo/dirtbike I’d like to bring. Is there anywhere within the park I can use my off road vehicle?


Unfortunately no. These vehicles are not permitted for use on Provincial Park Property.

Not seeing what you're looking for? Contact Us at the EK Parks Office.

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