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Lockhart Beach Provincial Park

Lockhart is a small, beautiful park located on the south arm of Kootenay Lake. Nestled in a lush, green forest, Lockhart is famous for its natural sandy beach.

Located 40 km North of Creston and 21 km South of Crawford Bay, this park is a great place to stay when visiting the many attractions in those towns. Lockhart Creek Park is adjacent to Lockhart Beach and has a lovely trail network.


Lockhart Beach is entirely first-come-first-serve, and does not offer reservations for camping. To occupy a campsite, it must be paid for with a living unit on site (tent/trailer/rv).


Vehicle Accessible Campsites:  Lockhart provides 18 first-come-first-serve campsites. These campsites are good for tents, RVs or trailers. There is one pull-through site and three double sites.

Toilets: This Park has several outhouses. There are no flush toilets.

Picnic Area: Lockhart has a picnic area as part of the day use. There are no pets permitted in the picnic and day use area.


Drinking Water: A handpump is available for drinking water. Water quality is tested every two weeks.

Campfires: Each campsite is equipped with a fire pit. Firewood can be purchased on site from the Park Operator.

Things to Do

Swimming: Lockhart Beach is a popular swimming hot spot. There are no buoys delineating the swimming area.


Hiking: Hiking trails are accessible in the adjacent Lockhart Creek Provincial Park. This trail is a difficult, seven hour route but can be hiked or biked.

Biking: For the young ones, Lockhart is a paved loop (be cautious of vehicles) and for the more technical rider, the aforementioned Lockhart Creek Trail is popular. Helmets are mandatory in BC.

Boating: Lockhart doesn’t have a boat launch, but the beach does offer access to smaller canoes and paddle boats.

Fishing: There are several species of fish in Kootenay Lake: Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, Burbot, Mountain Whitefish, White Sturgeon, Brook Trout, Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch and Kokanee Salmon.  Fishing licenses can be purchased and regulations read here:

Park Fees
Nightly Fee


This is the fee per camping party per night.

Extra Vehicles


One vehicle is permitted for each camping party. Any additional vehicles are subject to a nightly fee.

Seniors Rate


During the shoulder season, BC Seniors pay a reduced rate.



Firewood can be purchased on site from the park operator.

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Lockhart Creek PS Update.jpg
Key Rules to Know Before You Go

Camping Party Size: A camping party is 1-4 persons 16 years of age or older. Maximum party size is 8 persons (when including children under the age of 16). A camping party can have one vehicle and trailer, either one (but not both) may be an RV.

Extra Vehicles: A camping party may have a second vehicle (non-RV) on site for an additional nightly charge of half its camping fee. A towed vehicle and/or boat are not considered a second vehicle.

Check In/Check Out: Check in time is 1:00pm on scheduled date of arrival. Check out time is 11:00am. Late check outs may be permitted with prior approval from the Park Operator.

Pets: Pets are permitted on leash within the camping area. They are not permitted in the day use or picnic areas. Waste must be cleaned up and properly disposed of. Noise must be controlled.

Equipment: All tents, RVs, vehicles and equipment must remain on the gravel portion of the campsite to protect the ecological values of the park and preserve it for future users.

Quiet Time and Generators: Quiet time hours are 10:00pm-7:00am. Excessive noise is not permitted to enhance the enjoyment of all guests. Generator hours are 9am-11am and 6:00pm-8:00pm.

For more information on park rules and regulations, you may check out the BC Parks Website here:

Campground Opening and Closing Dates

All campground opening, closing and charging dates are dependent on many factors (weather, water systems, etc.), as such they are approximate and may change without notice.

Gates open for Off Season Camping

May 1st

Off Season Camping happens before the water is turned on and after the water is shut off. At this time there is no charge for camping

Water is turned on

Second Week in May through the end of September

Once the water is turned on, camping fees will be collected.

Things to do in the Area

Crawford Bay Artisans: For such a small town, Crawford bay has an astounding array of artisans ready to share their crafts. Check out their details here:

Creston Valley Growers: Creston has an amazing abundance of orchards, farms, wineries and producers. Fruit and Vegetable stands line the highway offering homegrown delights.

Local Festivals: Check out some of the local events for a variety of fun activities for the whole family!


Creston Valley Wildlife Center: Well worth a visit, this facility conserves a large portion of wetland and the thousands of species of flora and fauna within.

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